HERMAperfectStick (63Mps)

Migration-safe adhesive for pharmaceutical labels



Excellent for wrap-around labelling

Small-Diameter glass and plastic containers present special challenges when it comes to labelling. In the case of plastic containers, it is also possible for plasticizers and similar substances to migrate into the Label and impair the function of the adhesive.
The adhesive HERMAperfectStick (63Mps) was developed specifically for such applications. When used with thin label materials, it is especially well suited for diameters less than 15 mm and adheres strongly to non- polar surfaces (which have very low surfaces tension).
Continuous improvements in the productivity of labelling systems are placing greater and greater demands on labels. Labels are applied by means of high-speed machinery and in some cases must adhere to cool surfaces.HERMAperfectStick (63Mps) is easy to process and dispense. It retains its high adhesion even at low temperatures. The critical factor is perfect interplay between the adhesive and the label material.
For this purpose HERMAperfectStick (63Mps) was paired with materials that are flexible, thin and adaptable. Thus we can provide the perfect adhesive material for every application.

Multiple layers for migration safety

More and more pharmaceutical manufacturers are switching from glass Containers and bottles to packaging made of plastic. HDPE and LDPE offer a number of important Advantages, including low production costs, squeezability and Impact resistance.
This trend has greatly increased the risk of Migration. With plastic Containers, substances in the packaging material can migrate through the plastic and contaminate the pharmaceutical product.
HERMAperfectStick (63Mps) is therefore manufactured using our innovative multi-layer coating Technology.
Both adhesive layers are extremely Migration safe but still have all the adhesive properties and processing characteristics that are required in the pharmaceutical industry.
Indeed, the wrap-around labelling characteristics have been markedly improved.
63Mps is even certified for direct contact with foodstuffs. It is also safe for use on fatty surfaces and has a correction factor of 2.

Important facts

Excellent for wrap-around labelling

Multiple layers for migration safety

Diameters less than 15 mm
are considered critical.

More and more pharmaceutical companies
are switching from glass to plastic Containers.
This has increased the risk of adhesive migration.

63Mps has excellent adhesive properties
but is still very easy to process and dispense.

The most commonly used plastic containers
are made of HDPE and LDPE
(for example, for eye drops).

Thanks to its extremely low
adhesive tolerances of+/- 1,5 g /qm
it provides eliable and secure adhesion.

63Mps complies with recommendation XIV
of the German Federal Institute for
Risk Assessment and with
FDA 21 CFR 175.105 (Adhesive).

Plastic is regarded as critical owing
to ist non-polar Surface.
Moreover, plasticizers and similar substances
can migrate into the adhesive.

63Mps is certified for direct contact
with foodstuffs (correction factor 2 ).

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