HERMA Overlaminating film

Optimum protection for your labels!

HERMA Overlaminating film

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HERMA overlaminating film has no backing and is self-wound. It is coated with a permanent acrylate adhesive and was specially developed for inline overlamination of printed label materials.

Now you can manufacture paper labels that can be widely used even in harsh and critical environments – HERMA overlaminating film makes it possible. The film protects labels against mechanical stress (such as friction) as well as moisture, grease and oils.

Provides optimum protection against:
• Mechanical stress
• Grease and oils
• Moisture
• Friction

The HERMA range of overlaminating films

Name of material Material no. Thickness in μm Exact widths at 2,000 l.m./roll

Overlaminating film gloss clear


20 μm


Overlaminating film matt clear


25 μm

Useful widths of 400 and 500 mm

The film is placed on the unwinder and is ready to use. HERMA overlaminating film is an commercial alternative to expensive special materials and less reliable protective coatings.

The advantages at glance:

  • Protection of labels
  • No backing material, no waste
  • No protective coatings needed (this frees a coating unit)
  • Quick set-up, fast changing
  • Suitable for thermal transfer printing (testing and qualification recommended)
  • Matt grade is writable with ballpoint pen
  • Improved label strength in dispensing
  • Better stiffness for resealable labels
  • More vivid colours

Once loaded on to a spare mandrel, the film is ready to use.

The noise compensator reduces noise to a minimum.

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