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Adhesive 63B

Permanent adhesive, acrylic based

Product information - Adhesive - Issue 01.2018

Tackvery high
Peel adhesionextremely high
Shearvery high
Minimum application temperature0 °C
Service temperature-40 °C to +150 °C* (up to 200 °C for short periods - hot fusing)

*depending on the label material

Available as a standard with the following label material:

Application and use

Thanks to its aggressive adhesive characteristics adhesive 63B is particularly suitable for critical surfaces such as cardboard and ampoules. In combination with PET it is the excellent solution for applications in high temperatures. The adhesive is highly water-resistant and is suitable for labelling cold and humid surfaces. It is extremely resistant to light, heat and ageing.

In combination with HERMA PETP (Sorten 895, 995, 996, 997), HERMA PE Paperprint, HERMA PP Paperprint, HERMA PO 95 and HERMAprintex, adhesive 63B complies with BS 5609 Section Two (Resistance to Sea Water).

HERMA PETP / 63B is listed by UL under
  • MH26322 ("Marking and Labeling System Materials" PGGU2)

  • Printed labels of this material are listed under
    • MH26479 ("Printing Materials" PGJI2)
    • MH26479 ("Printing Materials Certified for Canada" PGJI8)


Excellent die-cutting characteristics on all customary machines.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Storing at a temperature of 20 ± 5 °C, a relative humidity of 45 ± 5 % and a dark storage is recommended. Moisture, heat and direct sunlight have to be avoided. The shelf life up to 4 years from date of production (belongs to face material).

Regulations concerning contact with food

All ingredients of adhesive 63B comply with recommendation FDA 21 CFR 175.105 (Adhesives).

The adhesive 62B according to the sample material submitted may be used safely for the reverse coating of labels for the labelling of foodstuffs for a storage at room temperature and below. The adhesive may stand in direct contact with dry, moist and such kind of fatty foodstuffs to which a correction factor of at least 4 can be applied according to the Regulation (EU) No 10/2011. In addition, the adhesive may be used for laminating various materials. In this case, the seams may safely come into direct contact with foodstuffs.

Additionally, the adhesive may be used safely for the reverse coating of labels intended for labelling of blood bags (The certificate of compliance is valid until October 25, 2019).


All statements, technical information and recommendations regarding HERMA products are given in good faith and are based on tests that we believe to be reliable, but do not constitute a guarantee or warranty. We give no guarantee as to the suitability of the product for a specific application, this should be tested by the user. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we only accept liability within the scope of our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment.

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