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HERMAtherm PP white 65 (828)

White direct thermal film with protective top coat

Product information - Label material - Issue 06.2017

Grammageapprox. 55 g/m²ISO 536
Caliperapprox. 65 µmISO 534
Tensile stress MDapprox. 70 N/mm²ISO 527
Tensile stress CDapprox. 170 N/mm²ISO 527
Opacityapprox. 87,00 %ISO 2471
Imaging colourblack

Application and use

HERMAtherm PP film combines the characteristics of thermal papers with the durability of PP-films.

Printing speeds of up to 200 mm/s are possible in direct thermal printing.

Printing with traditional printing methods like UV flexo or UV offset is also possible. However ink keying of the preprint in wet condition is limited. The inks should be suitable for printing thermal films, consulting of ink supplier is recommended. A corona treatment prior to printing may have a positive effect on ink trapping and ink adhesion. Web temperature during curing should not exceed 50 °C in order to prevent an early reaction of the thermo reactive ink.

Basically, suitability tests should be performed under customer and application specific conditions.

The thermal print of HERMAtherm PP white 65 features a high water resistance and a limited oil resistance. HERMAtherm PP white 65 does not contain BPA and is suitable for applications where high durability is required such as logistic labels, luggage tags but also for food or meat labels.

Regulations concerning contact with food

The thermal film according to the sample material is physiologically and toxicologically safe when used as intended and may therefore be used in printers and scales for labelling goods. However, it may only stand in direct contact which such kind of foodstuffs which are peeled, shelled or washed before consumption according to experience. (ISEGA Research and Development Institute, Aschaffenburg)


All statements, technical information and recommendations regarding HERMA products are given in good faith and are based on tests that we believe to be reliable, but do not constitute a guarantee or warranty. We give no guarantee as to the suitability of the product for a specific application, this should be tested by the user. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we only accept liability within the scope of our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment.

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