HERMAsuperTack (63Vst)

Adheres under extreme conditions.


Adheres under extreme conditions


On the road towards zero migration

A world premiere in the field of low-migration adhesives: HERMA introducesa completelyresin-free adhesive for labels that require extremelystrong initial tack.

Extremely high tack (initial adhesion)

Withhigh-speedlabelling(includingblow-on labelling) and labelling on difficult surfaces, extremely good tack is necessary in order to keep labels from failing off. HERMA has developed the 63Vst adhesive specifically for this purpose.

Tack (initial adhesion)

Extremely high tack on a wide range of surfaces

High-speed blow-on labelling. Immediately after packaging (usually cool, moist and fatty).

E2 meat crates with a rough
surface (usually moist and fatty).
Washable labels.

Industrial transport crates for internal logistics. With a rough surface (usually dusty).

Low migration

Approved for labelling of dry, moist and fatty foodstuffs with correction factor 2

Direct labelling of foodstuffs. Fatty, with irregular and curved shapes.

Irregular shapes, moist packaging film (the film is usually not a barrier).

Extremely irregular surface (the film is usually not a barrier).

Temperature resistance

Wide range of adhesive temperatures, from -20 °C to +80 °C.
(temperature range from -30 °C bis +80 °C - thermosetting for short periods up to 200 °C)

Labelling of deep-frozen foods down to -20 °C.

Labelling of packaged poultry. Very moist, warm surface because the poultry is packaged and labelled immediately after boiling.

Labelling of food packages immediately after filling. Surface is usually extremely moist.

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