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New, extra-thin thermal paper

03. Avril 2017

• The 60 gram thermal paper HERMAtherm top 60 (grade 914) is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications, as well as the retail sector and logistics.
• In combination with the multi-layer adhesive HERMAperfectStick (63Mps), this new thermal paper offers exceptional migration safety and great performance with even the smallest diameters.

The new thermal paper offers exceptional migration safety and great performance with the smallest diameters.

Labelling very small items like bottles, vials, ampoules and pencils with variable data can pose a major challenge due to their shape, size, and the very high elastic forces that come into play. This applies to the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, the cosmetic and food industry, and many other sectors. What’s more, the labels are often applied in difficult ambient conditions. The perfect interplay of adhesive and label material is crucial. With this in mind, HERMA’s Self-adhesive Materials division has further added to its thermal paper assortment: HERMAtherm top 60 (grade 914) is an extra-thin and therefore especially supple thermal paper with protective top and bottom coat. The bisphenol A (BPA)-free material is used wherever thermal labels made from smudge-proof, solvent- and grease-resistant paper are required. It gives very good results when applied to both dry and moist surfaces, even when subsequently exposed to the effects of humidity. The material can also be used with items containing plasticisers. Its high whiteness and improved thermal printability make it ideal for EAN and UPC codes. The material is less susceptible to scratching which aids the barcode reading accuracy.

Extremely migration-safe and superb for small diameters
The standard coating for this white paper is the HERMA multi-layer adhesive HERMAperfectStick (63Mps). It offers exceptional migration safety, great performance with even the smallest of diameters, and instant and reliable adhesion (even) in cool environments. It is a solution to multiple challenges arising when labelling for examples test-tubes, small bottles and ampoules most widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to their small diameter of 15 millimetres or less, the adhesive is exposed to powerful elastic forces which may cause the labels to inadvertently lift off, become stuck to each other, or fall off altogether.


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