Removable adhesives


Labels with the new removable adhesives come off with ease,

and they leave no residue.





Removable adhesives

Try out our new, removable adhesives – and get your smile back!
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Adhesive type: » 42N

Property:          removable adhesive
Description:    acrylic-based dispersion adhesive

Adhesive 42N is used wherever labels have to stick firmly but also peel off again. It’s ideal for use on cardboard packaging (logistics), PE film, steel, curved surfaces, over-edge labelling and rough surfaces. At the same time, 42N is strongly resistant to light, heat and ageing. It is also ISEGA-approved for direct contact with foodstuffs involving dry, moist and fatty surfaces – without andy restrictions.


Adhesive type: » 42E

Property:        removable adhesive
Description:    acrylic-based dispersion adhesive

The 42E is ideally suited for instance for transparent thermoplastics, PET, polyethylene foils and bottles, food packaging made from polypropylene and polystyrene, and ABS.Label printers and users receive a maximum of flexibility, since it can be combined with a wide range of paper and foil materials offers us to better cover many important fields.Not least, the adhesive also has the ISEGA certificate for direct food contact on dry, moist, and greasy surfaces – without any restrictions.


Adhesive type: » 42Upp

Property:          ultra-removable adhesive    
Description:    acrylic-based dispersion adhesive / microsphere                           technology – without platicizer!

New to the HERMA range: adhesive 42Upp too is bades on multilayer technology from HERMA. The microsphere particles play a crucial role here. They make labels ultra-easy to peel off from critical surfaces like glossy book and magazine covers. The surface remains completely intact. 42Upp contains no plasticizer that might migrate through the label paper.


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